Ethically sourced, sustainably made

Our Choices Matter

We at Norngaard have a deep personal connection to the wild California Coast. It is here we have gained a deeper knowledge of ourselves, the land, and the craftsmanship we practice.

All of our raw materials are acquired from sources that use sustainable harvesting practices. Our company is built with a firm belief that beautiful products should not be created at a cost to the environment. We strive to lead by example: ensuring each step of our manufacturing process from acquisition to shipping maximizes environmental benefit while minimizing impact.

Our commitment to the earth

Each year California is bombarded by fires in the summer and massive landslides in the winter. These environmental disasters scar the land- displacing people, homes and local wildlife.

To help bring greater awareness, protection, and future changes to protect the wilderness Norngaard works with local non profits and supports a variety of organizations committed to raising awareness and combatting the effects of climate change.